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Last name: HINES
First name: JOHN LESTER (more…)

Last name: DIXON
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Co F (LRP) (Airmobile) 58th Inf
101st Airborne Division (AM)

11 January 1969

SUBJECT: LRP Lessons Learned

TO: Commanding Officer
2nd Squadron 17th Cavalry
101st Airborne Division (AM)
APO San Francisco 96383

At 1010 hours, 11 January 1969, I debriefed LRP Team #22 who was attached to Bravo Troop. There appeared to be several problems that arose which I feel could and must be overcome prior to any LRP Teams being attached to any other unit or element.


LRP: The Silent Search

written by Specialist Four Terry McCauley

A small hole in the defoliated jungle became visible as the Huey neared the landing zone. As the two escorting Cobras began to circle the LZ, the log ship pilot eased forward on the control stick and the chopper slip­ped sideways into a steep dive. With dust and debris rushing toward the Plexiglas window, the pilot sent the ship skimming across the top of a small hill, slowed and hovered. Five camouflaged figures were out of the craft and sprinting for the wood line to begin another long range patrol. (more…)


The activation of company “F”, 58th Infantry occurred in the Republic of Vietnam on 10 January 1968. The personnel comprising the company were drawn largely from two sources – the cadre of Fort Campbell’s renowned RECONDO school who had arrived in-country during the two previous months, and personnel form the 101st Airborne Division’s First Brigade’s Long Range Reconnaissance Platoon (LRRP). Thus the personnel were well trained and suited to perform their assigned mission of conducting long range patrols. (more…)