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Below are the LRRP Ranger units of Vietnam. By entering a unit page, you can find history, memories, and photo galleries of the Rangers who served in Vietnam from 1965-1971.

Click on a unit patch to enter the unit.


October 15, 1965 thru February 7, 1968

January 10, 1968 thru February 1, 1969

February 1, 1969 thru November 25, 1971

March 12, 1968 thru August 20, 1970

Hac Bao 1st AVRN Div Ranger Company

Fort Campbell's 101st Recondo School

MACV 101st LRRP/Ranger Recondo Grads 1966-1971

101st Airborne Division LRRP/Ranger Members 1965-1971

Valhalla - Our Fallen Warriors

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Unit Pages

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